Puppy Day School

Puppy raising done right and made easy

Ah, puppies. Is there anything quite as adorable? Bringing a puppy home is such a thrill…until the biting, chewing, wild zoomies, and accidents begin. Puppy development happens very quickly, and there aren’t any do-overs.

We know that between work, family, and social commitments it’s impossible to give 100% of your time to your puppy. Yet that level of attention is what helps puppies thrive. Our day school exists to fill this gap. Your puppy will learn a range of lifelong skills, taught by an experienced professional in a real home.

Day school perks

Social time without the overwhelm

Our day school is kept small, ensuring each puppy receives the attention they need. We strive for calm, positive, and safe socialization, rather than puppy mayhem. With only 4-5 puppies attending at a time, we quickly discover their quirks, what they love, and what they find challenging.

Puppy paradise

We believe training should be relevant to real life. Rather than a kennel or sterile facility, our day school is run in a home in beautiful Mill Valley, allowing puppies to navigate everyday items and experiences. Our secure yard is surrounded by nature and nestled among beautiful trees, with plenty of room for playtime.

Constant learning

We’re not just a puppy sitter. We’re passionate about raising polite and confident family dogs. Your puppy will develop key skills related to housetraining, socialization, biting and chewing, as well as cues and tricks which make living alongside them a delight.

Positive and kind methods

Our training methods are backed by science, modern and welfare focused. We use positive reinforcement to teach puppies how to successfully navigate the complex world around them. We help puppies to feel safe, secure, and become lifelong learners.

Support doesn’t stop when the bell rings

Successful puppy raising requires consistency, and we want to support you in and out of the ‘classroom’. Puppies are dropped off and picked up at the same spot each day, allowing us to chat about progress. You will receive coaching videos each week, as well as a written handbook, so you can apply what your puppy is learning at home. At the end of the program you have a handover session in your home, so you can carry on with confidence.

Much to our chagrin, we were ill equipped to handle a pup full time but, thanks to Ally’s wonder-ful 3-day-a-week Puppy Day School, we were able to keep our dear Gracie. We’ve all thrived ever since!

Puppy Packages

Puppy packages are designed for puppies from 10 weeks to 5 months old. On occasion exceptions can be made based on the individual dog – get in touch to discuss your needs.

4 Week Puppy Day School

  • Tue/Wed/Thur for 4 weeks
  • Weekly video review sessions
  • Training handbook
  • Handover session in your home
  • Total of 12 full days with trainer

4 Week Package $2900

6 Week Puppy Day School

  • Tue/Wed/Thur for 6 weeks
  • Weekly video review sessions
  • Training handbook
  • Handover session in your home
  • Total of 18 full days with trainer

6 Week Package $4125

8 Week Puppy Day School

  • Tue/Wed/Thur for 8 weeks
  • Weekly video review sessions
  • Training handbook
  • Handover session in your home
  • Total of 24 full days with trainer

8 Week Package $5250

I needed help with my puppy and visited several “day care” places. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t leave my tender, impressionable little guy in a dog mosh pit. Luckily I found Ally. She cares for Rocco like he is her own dog. Sometimes I worry she will not return him to me because she loves him so much, but that never happens. She is always on time and on schedule; and she is very flex-ible and a great communicator. I give my highest recommendation to Ally Stoops and No Bones About It!

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