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Looking for puppy board and train?

Find out why day school is our model of choice

Board and train and puppy boot camps have become popular options for new puppy parents. With pressure to get everything right from the start, seeking a professional training service makes sense. We’re here to help you navigate puppy raising with ease, and after experimenting with our own training models over many years, we’ve found that day school gets the best outcomes for puppy and owner. It’s all the benefits of board and train, without the overnight stays.

Here’s why our clients love it:

You stay number one

Board and train means puppies are removed from their families, which can be unsettling and confusing for them. The social bonds that puppies develop in their formative weeks have a lasting impact. Quality time with you builds trust and connection. Those puppy cuddles aren’t just for you – your puppy needs them too!

You get the best of both

Day school allows you to have the best of both – professional support and training when you’re busy, and a calm puppy for you to enjoy at the end of the day.

Your puppy loves it

At No Bones About It, we’re transparent about our training methods. We don’t use fear, force or harsh equipment to get results, and this will be evident in your happy and tired companion when you collect them each day.

You see results right away

Through daily contact with your trainer, you hear about progress and can apply methods immediately, in your home. If something isn’t working, you can troubleshoot without delay. You’ll see learning happening in real time, rather than behind closed doors.

Join our day training program and enjoy results from the get go

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